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What is WLB support?

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What is Work-Life Balance(WLB)?
Work-Life Balance: Harmonizing work and private life (managing both work with your own interests and things you want/have to do)
Work-life conflict: Difficulty in balancing the demands of work and private life
As a result of Work-life conflict, an individuals productivity declines, causing a negative influence on corporate performance. WLB promotion leads to improved productivity and greater work satisfaction.
Approach to WLB support in this project
In order to provide support for WLB, it is necessary to reexamine the standard work style, which is the "traditional" male full-time employee, and develop work style diversity that meet the needs of a diverse work force.
In reexamining work styles, besides developing work style diversity, it is also important to consider work style innovation (making use of workplace-level human resources, rethinking work management, time management and therefore making employees more efficient, and creating a workplace that is receptive to diverse values).
It will be essential to change the mentality of management and reform human resources management.

3 steps to WLB support

There are 3 steps to provide WLB support for employees.

WLB支援に必要な3つの取り組み Introduction of the system for WLB support & Development of a workplace receptive to taking advantage of such systems=2nd floor
Introduction of work management and time management issues premised on "time constraints."=1st floor
Creation of workplaces receptive to diverse values=Base

Common misconceptions regarding WLB support

Welfare measures for employees These are measures that should be taken regardless of the company's financial situation. WLB support is not welfare, but a basic "remuneration" for employees, and it is a program for making time more productive.
Aimed at shortening working hours Shortening working hours is not the purpose. If time is used more productively, the result may be shorter working hours, but this is not the main objective. Even workplaces without long working hours need to undertake WLB support.
Important for dealing with the low birthrate. To help with child-rearing or measures to raise the birthrate are not among the objectives. WLB support is essential for all employees.
Working in moderation is recommended It is not a switch to a more moderate work style. Achieving a vibrant, efficient work style is essential to realizing WLB support.
Introducing programs such as parental leave and family care leave is important WLB support is not something that can be achieved by introducing a program. What is essential is achieving a work style that can take advantage of such programs.
A life style focused on work needs to be changed. WLB support does not mean rejecting a work-centered life style. The point is to create workplaces receptive to diverse values and life styles.
WLB support is expensive. WLB support is not expensive. Few of the measures cost money.

Model Project (WLB support for participating corporations)

Assist with the reform of "work style" and "human resources management", therefore enabling the introduction of work management and time management premised on "time constraints."
Assist with the development of a workplace receptive to taking advantage of programs for balancing work and family (parental leave and family care leave, shortened work hours, etc.) as part of WLB support.
Assist with the development of a training program for changing the mentality of managers responsible for WLB support
Assist with the development of a program for training personnel in work self-management and life design, etc.
Basic approach to model projects
  • Reducing overtime is not a direct objective.
  • By introducing a framework for encouraging voluntary revision of work management and time management in the workplace, the aim is to make employees more time-aware and promote work styles that use time more productively, which should result in less overtime.
  • In devising strategies for more efficient work management and time management, priority is given to voluntary measures and the creative ingenuity of the workplace.
Role of research team members in this model project
Speak at seminars encouraging common problem recognition in the company.
Provide advice during analysis of the current situation in the workplace.
Provide advice during periodic progress reviews, etc.

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