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Proposals from the "Survey on Work-Eldercare Balance (2012)"

The aim of this research is to examine the anxiety of employees mainly aged 40 or above relating to the balance between work and eldercare and the level of their awareness of support measures taken in the workplace and, anticipating the coming of a time when the number of employees achieving a work-eldercare balance will increase, to clarify what kind of information and support companies should provide.

Based on the research results, we set out the issues that companies should address in order to support a balance between employees’ work and eldercare.

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Summary results from the "Survey on Company Support in Raising Next-Generation Children (2011)"

This survey clarifies the current state of action plans formulated by companies according to the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children enforced in 2005. It further explores the effects of the Act and the remaining challenges in improving a company’s balance of work and childcare support and employee work styles.

The Survey was conducted by Hiroki Sato and Yukiko Asai, who planned this survey, and prepared the questionnaire and outline of research results on consignment from the Foundation for Children’s Future (an affiliate organization of the Ministry of Health and Welfare). The summary is copyrighted and may be reprinted by permission only. To request permission to reprint content from the summary please contact the Foundation for Children’s Future. The full report is only available in Japanese.

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Summary results from the "Survey of Manager’s Work Style and Work-Life Balance (2010)"

"Survey on Work Styles and Work-Life Balance" showed that in a workplace where managers are kept extremely busy, managers themselves are not able to achieve a WLB lifestyle. Additionally, it clarified that the current state of workplace management as created by managerial staff is key for the creation of WLB. Based on these results, the “Survey of Manager’s Work Style and Work-life Balance” has focused on managers. The objective is to clarify the current state of workplace management that supports a manager’s work style and their employees’ ability to achieve WLB.

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Summary results from the "Survey on Work Styles and Work-Life Balance (2009)"

In our project, 2,800 people working in private corporations in the greater Tokyo area were surveyed. A summary of the survey results and implications made based on this survey is reported below.

The project members were responsible for summarizing the results and implications of this survey, while taking into consideration the views of its corporate participants.

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